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He tried to kick me out of AIFWAW18

Hello Guys. What you have read on the title is true & my first day of Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 18 ended in a very sour note. Do you want to know why? Well it was because of the Public Relations Agency (PR Agency) W5 which is handling the Amazon India Fashion Week since last season of AIFWSS18.

So I was unaware that I was forbidden by W5 to attend Fashion Week, but as a mater of fact I have been attending it for a long time. It is 15th of march and it is 02:09 A.M. at night and I am writing this to show my displeasure along with the incident that took place at the AIFWAW18 after the final show & previous season of AIFWSS18.

What happened last season was I was unaware of the PR who was handling fashion week as it had changed and when I found out about it I gave them a call regarding the passes saying that I was unaware of them handling the fashion week and I wanted to register my blog name in the media list. I had to call a lot of people from W5 from Vineet, Harpreet and also their boss Rashi. When finally I had a talk with Rashi and over the phone she gave me a oral confirmation saying that I will be receiving the media band for all the 5 days. The first day I had no issues as they gave me the band but the second day I was denied a media band, I had to stand outside the venue in front of the media desk for 2 hours trying to call Rashi, Vineet asking them why I was denied the media band and when I finally talked to Rashi she shrugged me off saying that SHE NEVER SAID SHE WOULD GIVE ME THE BAND.

That day I had to get in touch with Designer Charu Parashar and she helped me get in the venue through a day in  pass. That same day when I received the day in pass from Charu’s intern I was stopped by the Security Guard and he said that I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THE VENUE BECAUSE I TOOK THE PASS FROM SOMEONE. When I asked him who told him top do so, he told me a guy from the PR asked him to not let me enter. The third day of fashion week after constantly calling and begging Vinnet agreed to give me the media band but to prove that I had attended before, he asked me send him all the links to my posts regarding fashion week.

That was last season this time I had contacted Vineet way before to not be in the same situation again. Emailing him to update me on the accreditation process and the reply from was “I shall.” and I did not hear from him. So when I called him he told me to send him my blog details and I did send it to him but his reply was “Unfortunately, we have closed down the accreditation process and we will not be able to incorporate you in the media list.”. Today I also found out that a fellow blogger had not registered but they got a media band on the venue itself without having to wait for 2 hours.

And after attending the final show of day 1 by ASHISH N SONI ,GAURI & NAINIKA I was going to where the Nexa party was going on, I was getting in touch with the PR who handles NEXA to ask for the invite which I receive every season. During the day I had arranged a media band for myself to post and attend the remaining shows. One of my friends who had received the NEXA invite but had go outside the barricade to use the washroom was convincing the guard to let him back in, but they were not letting him through and the few of us who were inside and few who were waiting outside gathered, suddenly Vineet from W5 appeared and he asked if we were from the media. Then when I said we were from the media he blatantly told me that he had forbidden and denied me the media band and was raising his voice saying that he had not allowed me to receive a media band so how did I even enter the venue. When I told him I had arranged a media band from someone he literally said HE WILL KICK ME OUT OF THE VENUE.  He also said to a guy beside him THAT HE WAS GOING TO SEE HOW I WOULD ENTER THE NEXT DAY.

Distraught by the situation that took place today,  I really did not know how to respond to the bullying that I have been facing from W5 since last season. People were well aware of the episode of me waiting outside for 2 hours during previous fashion week & This time again when he said such words it was really embarrassing for me. I totally understanding his point of view as he had to follow the guidelines provided to him but, he cannot say he will kick me out of the venue and also be hypocritical when he denied me the media band but gave it to someone who had asked him on the venue itself.

Its now 2:52 am and I am now just finishing by saying that it was very wrong for Vineet to say that he was going to kick me out and also he had forbade me to receive a media band. So much for W5 being a Public Relation Agency and not even knowing how to respect people.


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