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Few Things To Keep In Mind Before Colouring Your Hair

Keeping up with the current trends looking fashionable is what everybody wants and the trend that has us all hooked is coloured hair. As you all have seen me I am someone who loves colouring my hair. Even though it looks beautiful we also forget that it is equally important to take care of our hair.

I will be telling you few important things to keep in mind before colouring your hair.

What is Hair Bleaching?

The process of colouring starts with bleaching our hair. Some of you have asked me what is bleaching and why do we need it?  Bleach simply oxidizes the hair, meaning it exists solely to strip the color from your hair. Bleaching removes hair color through the process of oxidation. Bleaching products disrupt the hair’s cuticle layer to make it more permeable, which allows hydrogen peroxide to penetrate the shaft. Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the hair’s pigment, stripping away the melanin and, as a result, its color. A single bleaching can lighten your hair by as many as eight shades. Depending on how light you want your hair, the process takes 30 to 40 minutes.


The Bleaching process makes your hair weak.

Bleaching is a chemical process and during this process your hair becomes very weak compared to your natural hair. The hair looses its shine and becomes more dry, looses its elasticity and also causes hair fall if not cared properly. Bleached hair strips you off your natural melanin and you need to condition, moisturize and oil it on a regular basis.

Toning & Silver Hair

You always wonder how those people have like silver hair and you have yellow or blonde hair? Well it due to toning. What most people think is that if you bleach your hair a lot its going to turn white. You are wrong honey! After bleaching, your hair will always have yellowish tint in it. Toners as we call it have blue/purple colouring in them that helps you nullify the yellow, going through that natural color theory of blue/purple is opposite to yellow in the colour wheel.


Semi Permanent Hair Colour

Whatever different colours ranging from red to blue to pink you have seen are all semi permanent hair colour and the reason they are called semi permanent is because they eventually fade away with every wash. The colours vary from brand to brand and also colour to colour. Light shades like pink, lavender, pastel blue are the colours that fade away really quickly and some strong colours like Red, Blue & green they last for a long time but gets a shade or two lighter after every wash.

These are the few things that you should keep in mind before you even plan on colouring your hair. I will be writing about how to take care of your coloured hair in my next post. Stay tuned.




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