From Delhi to Puri

Hi lovely people. I know it’s been a long time since I have written anything but, I was going through some challenging phase and  needed time to cope up with everything life threw my way. To get away from everything and have a great time with my family, my mom planned a nice family vacation for us in Puri, Odisha and it was all worth it.

Starting with my journey from Delhi to Odisha was a little nerve wrecking, but everybody needs a break from the city.

I started my journey from Delhi on the 10th of January, both me and my brother aka dada. Bags packed both brother ready to escape their metropolitan life, ready to go meet our family.  The 14 hours journey became a 25 hours one as our train got delayed for 11 hour, those extra hours were so annoying and it felt like the time wasn’t passing by.

We reached the Puri Railway station at 12 at night and the only thing that we both wanted were comfortable beds to sleep in. The next morning was such a rush as my mom had booked a small family tour to a lagoon called Chilka lake which is famous for it’s dolphins and the boat rides. The bus tour was nice as the guide warned us about all the fake pearls.

The next day was my dad’s Birthday day and the first thing was our visit to the holy Jagannath temple. The whole temple tour was in such a rush and the push and pull. Luckily we had a pandit with us who came from the hotel who guided us through shortcuts and told us about the things that were supposed to be done to get our darshan.

The same day I spend 5 hours on the beach and playing like a lil kid in the ocean. Our next day tour was something that got us drained at the end of the day. It was a tour from Puri to Konark temples, then to a stupa then along the way to various stops and all in all to Bhuwaneswar to Puri. That day our grandfather got seperated from us for a short while and made us all go on a frenzy.

Then our last day was a early morning walk on the beach and catching a the beautiful sunrise to remember all the fond memories I created there with my whole family.



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