What All Happened at AIFWSS18

Hello my sweet Pumpkins how are you doing? So I want to tell you guys about the crazy things that happened at the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 18 ( AIFWSS18 ). I know this is pretty late to tell you all about it but, I wanted to share my experience with you.

Fashion Week time is always demanding, but it is one place where everyone is together and dressed to take the show. So the fashion week was from the 11th to the 15th of October and well time to dress up. But this time I was not as prepared with my looks compared to last Fashion Week.

On the 11th the day of the fashion week I was on my phone since the morning hooked up on getting my media passes arranged and well the PR handling it were getting on my nerves for sure. I had a very rough time during the fashion week because to be honest I was supposed to source from a brand (whose name I shall not mention) backed out the last moment and left me in a frenzy . But Jasmehar like the Knight in the shining armour came to my rescue. My look for Day 1 of AIFWSS18.

Tee from Origin Clothing.

Jeans from H&M.

Shoes Marcello and Ferri.

The first day went smoothly. Crazy time with awesome people. I got to meet Shia who is like the sweetest human being. Had some crazy amount of fun with Aanchal, Joshya, Malkeet Awoka, Lir, Kim and everyone. Josh we need to hang out asap. 

Day two was rough because the PR were not willing to give me the media band give me lamest of lame excuse of just having limit bands making me wait for two hours and to put the cherry on top this security guy stops me and really getting on my nerve. Sham like a workaholic she is was working during the fashion week.

Day three was a lot better because, one I got my media passes sorted out and then fought with Sharmila like always. Me pissing her off during the Fashion week has become our thing. Then there was the crazy Nexa Party and it was lit. But all an all it was a great day.

Day Four was a mix,it was boring and fun. Sham flew back home that morning and I was so glad Ishaan was there with me, even though we are always like bitches towards each other I was very thankful for him to be with me the whole day. Then I finally met Prashanti after like ages and we had some fun time at the amazon lounge. Something really crazy happened but that is not my story to share.

My Day 4 look was

Denim Jack: Stole Sharmila’s

Tee: Origin Clothing

Denims: Ripped denims from Aeropostale

Hoodie : H&M

The Final Day, I had to reach early to attend Charu Parashr’s show and it was the first show of the day and I was scared that I might miss it, but I was early and there I was at the MSA 1 with Surbee and we were damn annoyed because the show wasn’t starting when it finally did the show was great. Coming to the grand finale because the PR were still being annoying. But night ended in a great note with me meeting Sonali from the Insane Doll and Shraddha getting a lil tipsy on two bottles of beer. Sarthak missing out on the group selfie. But we all squished in one car ended up having our own finale party with Hooka and Beer and Food.



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