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I Call It Daddy Jeans

Fashion trends are ever changing & you never know what is giong to come, what will go or what will stay. High waist jeans trend for men had long since disappeared and I remember last time seeing it was in a photograph of my dad wearing it in his mid 20s.

The one thing that always intrigued me is that, old trends always comes back in a strange way. There are the holographic trend or ‘HOLO’ which is making a comeback and we love it. But at the same time there are also those trends which you don’t want to come back to life like ‘stay buried’, such as the low waist jeans; OMG the horrid image of Paris Hilton about to show her crotch has scarred me for life or the Denim on Denim on Denim on Denim which Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears surely abused when they came together as a lovey dovey couple for the red carpet, like the wise words of fashion sage, everybody has a fashion faux pah.

*cringe* Hell NO!

To say the least trends come and go and we all have evolved through time, experimented and chosen our style and preference. But there are times when you look back at those old photograph where your dad is rocking this cool ass high waist pants in them light grey sweatshirt or those magazines where the models surely looked like million bucks.

The high waist jeans trend has always and forever stayed there for women but not men exactly. I didn’t have anything in mind, no plans of doing this but to think of it as the universe wanted me to do so. I was at H&M shopping for a rakhi gift for my sister and well when you see a big red sign with bold ‘SALE’ written on it you can help but shop for yourself.

I grab these lovely classic faded blue jeans in my size and I was honestly scared that it wouldn’t fit me. I am a chubby person. But well to my surprise those jeans were not a perfect fit but a lil big and my initial though was to just not to buy them. But I just tried pulling them higher and well it was a perfect fit for my gut. Along with the rakhi gift for my sister I grabbed those jeans for myself.

As you know these jeans are from H&M.

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