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Insta Perfect Pic

Hey guys how have you all been. I know i haven’t uploaded a post in a while but today i am here to tell you about my lil Instagram photo editing tips.

It’s all about editing nowadays and you want to maintain your Instagram theme and here is how I edit my pictures.

There are few apps which are a must and you don’t have to spend a dime for it. These are for both android and ios users. 

Go to you app store and get the app 

  1. Snapseed 
  2. VSCO cam
  3. Lightroom

I do recommend buying Afterlight & Facetune apps from the store.Guys don’t thinks it’s just gonna take some space on your device it is an investment.

 Download these filters(presets) form VSCO 

Lets choose a picture. So we will edit this picture, this picture already is quiet over exposed and need some touches to it.

Open the image on Snapseed. There are many options on Snapseed but we will use Tune Images.

Make sure your phones brightness is at max. When your screen is brightest you can see the picture clearly.

As the image is already very bright we well tweak the contrast to +16 we leave the brightness the way it is. 

Increase the saturation to +5 this intensifies the color and any dull color will look more vibrant.

Reduce the shadows to -17 to make the shadows darker. Then export to camera roll.


Import the saved image to VSCO cam.

Out of the filters I chose HB2. Tap on it again to select the intensity of the filter. I am staying with the default.

We then go to the other controls option and select temperature and get it down to -1.0

Bam! The edit is complete for me . If you are not happy with the edit you can tweak it here and there till you are satisfied. 

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