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The New Chapter

It’s time to flip the page. Chapters are the continuation, but a new start of the same story. 2016 was an extravagant experimental year for me with both good and bad things coming my way.

In a year you realize many things and when that realization hits you learn. I have met a lots of new people this year. People who know their stuff, people with charisma that they inspired me , people with their uniqueness which made me question about myself, and people with such generous hearts that I felt a sense of peace and oneness with them.

Questioning oneself is brutally meaningful. A lesson learnt which is not their to demean you but a small part of reality which helps you grow.

I started like Jack, selling the cow for just a bit of stupid seed that someone told him was magical. But those seeds for me were like a realization, unlike Jack’s mine were not magical but they were extremely fruitful. My journey as a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger has not been as I would have liked it to be, but it never is. The chapters of my life have been fascinating with it’s own twist and turns.

In the first look of the series, I have tried to showcase that everything and everyone is meant to break down in their own ways and crumble to a point where they are just broken, but you heal, you rise from your fall and stand over all the remains of yours; picking up what is needed and useful and you start standing back with the same confidence and will power.

The second look is my current state of change where I want my Chapter to be different, a sense of being where I am fully expressing myself. My second look has color in contrast to my first look of darker hues, the second look entails a brighter start of this year.


The second look even though is the brighter beginning of the year it still has the haziness of the unexpected to arrive.With passion for what I love, I have found courage and will to keep moving and reaching heights and crossing the horizon.



There are many chapters in a persons life and here I open a new one and am sharing this experience with you.

Happy New Year and tell me in my Instagram what is that one thing that you are really passionate about and will do it this year? If you tell me I might also tell you about mine.

First Look:- Chocolate Brown Trench Coat, Navy Blue Sweatshirt, Black Skinny Jeans from Aeropostale and Leather Boots from Buckaroo.

Second Look:- Long Bomber Jacket from H&M, T-Shirt from Zara, DIY jeans and shoes from MAX Fashion India.

Photo Credit:- @einsjordan (Karanvir Singh Bajwa) & @thewardrobewagon  (Sharmila Sharma)

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