Food Review: The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is ‘The’ place to be with great ambiance to great food, what you want they have it. From starters, drinks to dessert it was all you have asked for. For me the Coffee Shop offered the different range of food complimenting my taste.


For starters I chose the ‘Baked Potatoes’. Crispy hollow potato filled with delicious cheese filling with baby corn and olives and herbs sided with sweet beet root and bell pepper sauce along with fresh tomato salsa sauce to add the freshness. With the presentation and flavors a perfect 4/5.


Drinks depends and to refresh myself in the scrounging Delhi heat I loved the ‘Lemon Peach Ice Tea’ which didn’t hold back the peach. A tea lover who wants something different and something fresh this drink is for you. Taste gets 3.5/5 but for actually being refreshing I cannot hold back to give it a 4/5.


Well the main is very important for me so I went with ‘The Grilled Chicken’. Cooked to a perfect medium the main course had its own unique taste. As it came with side of veggies and mashed potatoes and three lovely sauces. The three sauces that enhanced the flavor were the mushroom sauce, mustard sauce and the red sauce. Out of these three I personally enjoyed the meal with the Mushroom Sauce. The sides of veggies were crispy and fresh. Well the mashed potatoes were not up to my preference but all in all it was the meal. Definitely a 4.5/5.


Well if you need something healthy and are the health guy well The Coffee Shop doesn’t hold back to please it’s customers with its Super Food Smoothies. The Goddess Elixir is actually an elixir with refined taste and with many ingredients making it the perfect health partner. With MSM, almonds, pau d’arco and many more. A 5/5 for its health benefits and taste.


The Beet Root Red Velvet Cake was to die for, when the dessert is your sweet heaven you cannot say no to this.  Deserves a perfect 5/5.

The Coffee Shop is the place which I will visit again and again.

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