It’s Time for WAI WAI City

If Noodle is what you love then WAI WAI City is the place to be at HKV. With creating your own noodles box to take away from the unique & delicious menu created to suit your taste.

Create your own noodles box by selecting your own type of noodles from the classic to roasted to pan fired or the crunchy one. I had to go with classic.
Top it off with the glazing and unique sauce from Chilli garlic, garlic soya Oyster, masala Fusion, Pepper Soya, Thai Spicy Basil, Kung Pao, Schezwan Chilli .  I was for Kung Pao. So yummy so peanutty.
Choose your veggies as that is what you will love because it is fresh and crunchy and when served for me it was yummy. Choose your vegetables from onions, Zucchini, Chinese Cabbage, peas, chives, mushrooms, pak choy to carrots  , Spring onions and many more.
When the chef is tossing and cooing our creating you choose your topping for the master piece from Roasted peanuts, fried onions, white sesame seeds, Spring onions and plenty more.


Well as the dish is served hot hot with chop sticks you just dig in and with harmony of flavors meddling in your mouth you cannot have have asked for more.
Take away from the menu is what is the best suited for you if in a rush and I say if you are a classic man go with Hakka Wakka but want to experiment with flavors Bang Bang is the best with spicy but crunchy noodles to the sauce and the veggies for you. Choose more from the menu that suits your taste buds.


Well here we are at the appetizers a little  late but you cannot go wrong with it as they did not either. From Wai Wai Bhel, To Zucchini fires to momos they served it right. The crispy zucchini that melts in your mouth while giving you the crunch was my love.


Desserts OMG well having a sweet tooth the dessert were my sweet part of the whole deal.  Honey Crispies with Ice cream was love with perfect color to the flavor and the bonus it does not stick to your teeth so have more. Fruit and nut chocolate wontons killed it with the blast of chocolate and love for nuts the fresh fruits wity crispy nuts I was in paradise.


In all WAI WAI City is the place to be as it offers reasonable price with good food and a lovely ambience. Whenever you are at HKV this is the place to be.

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