Enrich Not Exploit by Body Shop

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World is compelled to mold and shape to fulfill our wants and needs. Now its time to give back what we have taken from Nature and be generous and thankful to it. Body Shop the British brand pioneer in ethical beauty has launched it’s new motive called ‘Enrich Not Exploit’ .

Bloggers from all over Delhi had come together on 7th April and Body Shop launched its new store at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.

Body Shop had set stall to promote its commitment. Wall specially dedicated to write the promise people were to help mother earth and I wrote ” I commit to Save the environment, the nature by conserving its natural resources.” . This small activity evoked a sense of morality and love towards nature that had been suppressed deep down by busy scheduled and our own ignorance.


Body shop also launched its new products named Change which are ranges of product which when bought, the funds would go to support the cause you have selected.


Body shop products have always been good but for me the new Change ‘Hemp’ hand moisturizer does magic. Because of my combination skin my hands are always dry and after using this product my hands felt really good. Yes the product is a little oilish and can leave oil finger print stains on your phone screen ” Its a mess.” .


Body shop also has cologne for men. Yep I love different fragrances and have settled with Body Shop male cologne ‘Kistan’. Its subtle with its very zesty smell and tad bit of musk to kick off for a Delhi summer. Priced at just ₹1,595.




Selfie with fellow bloggers Siyaa Gupta and Natasha Sehgal.

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